What am i focused on now?

Last updated March 24th, 2020

Currently working on the Brokerage team at Flyhomes in Seattle. We’re rethinking the entire home-buying process in the buyer’s favor, empowering them with cash and a full team of discipline experts in the purchase journey — a big departure from how things are usually done!

The entire state of WA is under ‘Stay home, stay healthy’ lockdown, so I’m repurposing commute time and a flexible schedule to learn the fundamentals of options trading, the BRRR investment strategy, dabbling in digital ad certification, and reading all that I can (notes will still be updated in the ‘Book Notes‘ section of this site). Getting caught up on my Netflix / Hulu / Prime backlog, too 🙂 

Training for my first ever tri-sport event. Not the full fledged triathlon… Starting with a ‘sprint triathlon‘ in June 2020. Appreciating ‘at-home’ training, too, via HIIT livestreamed workouts from my gym, IanFitness here in North Seattle.

Doubling down on biographies. I find stories of resilience and growth from brilliant people oddly comforting in times like this. It inspires me to stay grounded, grow, and maximize the ‘chrysalis’ this time of COVID-19 related lockdown can be in the long run.

Coming up soon

Exploring idea of a Medium publication that documents experiments in alternative investing, unorthodox perspectives on current events. Contributors from a variety of backgrounds. ST…