What I'm Doing Now

πŸ’» Being a 'Digital Nomad'

Something I've long wanted to do. This past year (2020) accelerated the world's 'temporary' πŸ˜€ transition to remote work. I've always been a fan of it and have been waiting for the day remote-first companies prevail. A global pandemic is not an ideal catalyst, but I won't let the opportunity go to waste. So, these last few months of 2020 and the months ahead in 2021 are all about experimenting with this lifestyle and making the most of geogrpahic freedom (in the most cautious, socially-distanced, public-health-respecting manner possible).

Follow our experiment at midoriandakaash.com or on Instagram (@midoriandakaash)

πŸ› οΈ Developing a next-gen real estate experience @ Flyhomes

This phase of my career is all about building and scaling. Follow the Flyhomes journey at flyhomes.com and shoot me a note if you're in the market to buy/sell/'Trade-Up" anytime soon 🏑 Also, we are hiring!

πŸ“’ My team just launched a product for real estate professionals! If you're a realtor in Washington, California, or Oregon interested in turning your clients into all-cash buyers (dominate in multiple-offer situations with clean terms), please get in touch!

πŸ’ͺ🏾 Building muscle

Cliche? Absolutely. But really, I'm a little tired of being the skinny South Asian guy. I'm giving it my all in these first 12 weeks of 2021. Aiming for 8 pounds of lean muscle mass gain without going over 12% body fat. Equipment is complicated given my lifestyle choices (see 'Digital Nomad' above), but working primarily with heavy kettlebells and resistance bands.

βœ’οΈ Rekindling my love for poetry

This was a childhood obsession. I loved writing poems. They weren't great, but some of them definitely met the mark to be part of some sappy Hallmark cards. They rhymed, pulled on the heartstrings, the whole 9 yards. But watching the incredible talent of Amanda Gorman at President Biden's inauguration has inspired me to explore the craft once again– this time, with all the rigor of adulthood learnings (...unlikely!) Will share what I learn + write on the blog.