What I'm Doing Now

🛠️ Building a team and scaling our business @ Flyhomes

We're in a critical phase, as a company and me personally. Follow the Flyhomes journey at flyhomes.com🏡 Also, we are hiring!

📢 My team launched our first B2B product for non-Flyhomes realtors! If you're licensed in WA, CA, OR, MA, or TX, get in touch and we can talk about how to turn your clients into all-cash buyers at no cost to you. Also, if you're a world class relationship manager with product and sales chops, I'm hiring here and here - get in touch!

💻 Being a 'Digital Nomad'

Something I've long wanted to do. This past year (2020) accelerated the world's 'temporary' 😀 transition to remote work. I've always been a fan of it and have been waiting for the day remote-first companies prevail. A global pandemic is not an ideal catalyst, but I won't let the opportunity go to waste. We are now 10 months into this, have traversed across 9 states, and have moved 'homes' more than 20 times - and we love it so much!!

Follow our experiment at midoriandakaash.com or on Instagram (@midoriandakaash)

🏧 Studying DeFi (decentralized finance)

It's time to turn my casual interest in crypto into a more serious study of what may be the future of our financial machinery. At this point, I'm as convinced as anyone of the widespread adoption and eventual ubiquity of digital currencies + assets. I'm looking to go deep into what this means in terms of 'disrupting' the existing economic machinery and where new opportunity will be. I'll document my learnings on the blog.

📃 Getting my Mortgage License (NMLS)

Because, why not? I work in real estate, already deep into how this world works, and armed with a real estate license in WA state. Why not extend into the world of mortgages and lending to understand that world? 🙂

📍 Currently in: Las Palmas 🏝️ (Gran Canaria), Spain