Akaash's Referral Links

The products described below are all ones that I love and use. The referral links here cost you nothing and potentially benefit both of us via a small perk ($ bonus, extended trial, etc.)

I appreciate you using my links and hope you love these products as I do!

šŸ’µ Investing / Money Management

Wealthfront - Put your investments on autopilot with various accounts available (IRAs, investment, 509, etc.) and sophisticated strategies used for you. For anyone looking to invest but intimidated by self-managing investments, outsource the whole task with Wealthfront. Great advanced strategies (like tax-loss-harvesting) are included with Wealthfront, too.

AltoIRA - I've always loved the idea of a self-directed IRA to dabble in alternative asset classes (art, real estate, music royalties, etc.). AltoIRA is a budding startup with several impressive partners that these alternative assets approachable and economical (SDIRAs can be expensive with other custodians!).

Wise - Amazing for sending money overseas. UX is straightforward and payment reliability is high. Their fees are very, very reasonable given how convenient + quick making overseas payments / transfers are. Plus, the reliable Estonian founder is really brilliant!

šŸ’² Cryptocurrencies / NFTs

Well... this is awkward. Most of my referrals / recommendations here turned out to be scams and/or eventual bankruptcy cases (e.g. BlockFi, Voyager). While we wait out Crypto winter (or await another heyday), stick with the classics...

Coinbase - reliable- Sometimes, old is gold. Coinbase continues to be the authority and impressively reliable player. I purchase most crypto here and move into self-custody wallets.

Robinhood super-app- Increasingly become a finance super-appThe ability. Great (and consistent) UX updates with a very reliable mobile app. The ability to buy, move, and self-custody crypto via RH makes it a strong rec, both as a tradition and crypto brokerage.

šŸ’³ Credit Cards

(longer post on Travel Hacking coming soon)

View my current CC portfolio (and current bonuses) on my MaxRewards page

Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) - Hands down the best credit card for someone just starting to in the travel hacking game. This one typically requires you to have some credit history under your belt (if you're just starting, see 'Discover It' below) and usually has some fantastic sign-up bonuses in the form of Chase Ultimate Reward (UR) points - one of the best flexible travel currencies!

Chase Freedom Flex (CFF)- This was formerly the 'Chase Freedom' but still mostly the same product. This is a killer combo with the CSP. This card earns 5% cash back (in the form of UR points if you have the CSP, too) on rotating categories every quarter. Paired with the CSP, you can earn almost a minimum of a few thousand UR points every quarter - you'll rack up points quickly.

Chase Freedom Unlimited (CFU) - This completes the 'Chase Trifecta' with the simplest earnings structure: unlimited 1.5% cashback (or 1.5x UR points per dollar) on all spending. With this in the portfolio, your guaranteed UR yield on every purchase becomes 1.5x - now you're really rolling!

Discover It - the best starter credit card for someone who's just starting to build their credit. This was my first credit card which I got in college. The meager $500 credit limit felt like a fortune! But best of all, Discover does a stellar job reporting positive payments to all three credit bureaus so that you can establish a strong credit score and credit history quickly - essential for future financial well-being.

šŸ§³ Travel / Lodging / Hacks

Airbnb - If you know, you know. Terrific accommodations practically anywhere on the planet. I love booking 'entire place' style accommodations as a unique (and often more comfortable) alternative to hotels. Great trick especially in expensive hotel markets. Ask me about how important AirBNB was during our Digital Nomad lifestyle experiment in 2021!

šŸŒ¬ļø Clear (airport security) - This is the ultimate travel hack. These days, having TSA PreCheck for domestic travels is table stakes. Especially as the RealID deadline looms closer, Clear feels like the ultimate airport luxury. Speed through security (including TSA Pre benefits) using only your fingerprint or retinal scan as your ID. I kid you not, I now (almost) never spend more than 2 minutes at airport security!