Akaash Nanda

Born in Pittsburgh and raised in Seattle by immigrant parents, I'm a case study in identity evolution. One of the repercussions of having the good fortune of growing up in a city like Seattle is for most of one's childhood, you're oblivious of the economic groundswell your city experienced in the last 20 years. It took leaving Seattle for 4 years in the Bay Area (to pursue my B.S in Symbolic Systems from Stanford) to gain an appreciation for the unique ecosystem Seattle has become. That was reason enough to re-commit my 20's to becoming a part of the PNW startup / small business scene.

Now back in Seattle, I just wrapped up 3 years at Microsoft in a variety of research, product marketing, and data science roles. In an effort to deliver on why I moved back to Seattle in the first place, I left Microsoft in September of 2019 to parlay what I've learned to a PNW startup ripe for growth. I'm always looking for a new opportunities to get involved in a startup via skill, feedback, or investment.

Career aside, I'm an avid miles & points hobbyist, budding whiskey aficionado, and beginner cyclist. I invest in real estate and p2p lending on the side. I love 'tinkering' through building simple businesses and systems of automation. People are my #1 for new learning and development, especially when conversation happens alongside a good pint of beer!

I'm always game to talk through interesting ideas, trends, and the like - drop me a note on Twitter (@akaashn) and I'd love to connect!