How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia– by Mohsin Hamid

Seldom do you come across a book that “speaks to you” in the way that Mohsin Hamid’s “How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia” does. In fact, the entire book is cleverly written in active voice, directly addressing us, the reader, as the protagonists whose rags to riches story is being authored upon our very own eyes.

I began reading this book in eager anticipation of a feel-good, motivating story but found myself riding along for a surprising yet pleasant story of love, corruption, and pragmatic action. In a book where characters remain, for the most part, nameless and chapters are jovially titled like your typical self-help book would be, this book is sure to tantalize every desire for entertainment and novelty, alike.

This will certainly be a book I’ll turn to more than once whenever I’m in the mood of a healthy reminder of just how similar we all are regardless of where, geographically, we grow up. After all, how we feel and what we seek as humans tends not to differ all that much no matter where we are.

A few favorite quotes:

“Focus on the fundamentals. Blow through the fluff, see the forest for the trees, prioritize what is core to your operation.”

“Two related categories of actor have long understood this. Bureaucrats, who wear state uniforms while secretly backing their private interests. And bankers, who wear private uniforms while secretly backed by the state. You will need the help of both.”

Overall, an 8/10—must read for more than entertainment alone! Check it out here.

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